Mark Goyen

Photo...This site is experiences, opportunites and fun for me. I started underwater photography many, many years ago and have recently got into terrestrtial wildlife photography and now a few landscapes and some general travel photography as well.

Past LifeTill recently I practised as a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney, Australia. A great day job but 15 years practice in the cosmetic industry is enough. There are lots of financial restraints with running a busy practice and liposuction can give you quite a lot of muscular problems after 3800 cases.
Favourite WatersIndonesia and Papua New Guinea, So close to Australia and so varied.
Favourite LandsAfrica...if you haven't been on safari, you must go.

Photography Equipment

TimeAlways a Nikon guy I have lots of old cameras and lenses. My first underwater camera was a Nikonos2 which I bought for $160. I started using a Sea-Tite aluminium housing for a Nikon F2 thereafter and used the same housing for 21 years before digital.
UmderwaterI am on my third Sea Cam housing. The present housing is for the Nikon D7000. At present I use mostly a Nikon 16-85mm zoom lens behind a dome port with a plus 4 or plus 5 diopter filter. Great for dives with small and large subjects. Also a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye and Nikon 60 and 105 macro lenses. I now use Inon Z240 strobes. They are light, powerful and reliable.
Above WaterCamera bodies Nikon D4 and D800 ( previously a Nikon D3X and D2X ) Lenses, 17-35, 24-120, 24-70, 70-300, 200-400 zooms and a 600mm telephoto.
PrintingAll my printing is done on Epson printers, the majority a large format (24" wide ) Epson 7900. A real class printer with a terrific colour gamut and resolution.